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365 Good Things: Day 3

Well, well, well...could it be that positive thinking actually works?

I don’t know if my talk to myself in yesterday’s post did actually work, but I felt so much more positive at work today!

Well...ok...I may not be 100% fixed yet. I did spend the night waking up and worrying about a particular project: did I do enough work, what I’d done wasnt good enough (oh, the irony of having that as my surname and never believing I embody it!), would people be expecting so much more from me and be peeved with me in a meeting? You know, the sort of stuff that you only really scare yourself with at those 4am wake ups.

But it turns out the meeting went fine and I’d done enough prep to know what I was talking about. Even better, I now have a new team member who can take over some work from me. Boom.

Wouldn’t it be great if these daily pep talks do reinforce that I’m more capable than I give myself credit for?

Apparently imposter syndrome is more prevalent in women. According to, what’s basically the starting point for all my fact finding searches: Wikipedia, it’s already high-performing women who have it as well. Why don’t we trust and believe in ourselves?

Yesterday a couple of women shared with me that they feel it too. Women I’d never think would feel the way I do. Seemingly confident and certainly successful women who are in fact scared and doubting themselves.

Maybe we should all be counting out our successes on a daily basis. If we keep reminding ourselves of all the good things we get done in a day - whether at our paid jobs or in our personal lives - we’ll start to believe in who we really are. Cause let’s face it, we’re actually pretty awesome.

Today was a good day. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

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