365 Good Things: Days 4 & 5

A little slip in posting every day caused by exhaustion on Wednesday and falling asleep on the sofa before the kids went to bed! You’ll...

365 Good Things: Day 3

Well, well, well...could it be that positive thinking actually works? I don’t know if my talk to myself in yesterday’s post did actually...

365 Good Things: Day 2

Its only day 2 of my new writing/well-being exercise and it’s already feeling like a proper challenge - trying to think of a good thing...

Day 1: Challenge accepted

I’ve been thinking about trying something new recently, something to keep me feeling fresh and invigorated. Something to keep challenging...

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Smokey Mirrors is me, Jane, sharing bits and pieces of my life for you to marvel over...how lucky you are you ain't me! I'm not interested in filters or fibs, this is life as a 40 plus woman and mum, warts and all.

Smokey Mirrors

Trying out the truth >


Hashtag No Filter

So, this is it then...the kick off post where you find out what I've got to say and how I'm going to say it.

Unfortunately, I think I'm going to say it just like it is in my head. Which means there's going to be a lot of words, a lot of confusion, indecision, heartache and general angst...

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